Shah Rukh is the only candidate who lives in Saskatoon Fairview that will fight to bring about the positive change that you and your family need now.

Shah and the Liberal team will lead the charge to:

  • Immediately roll back the PST on insurance premiums and children’s clothing that the Saskatchewan Party government added in the 2017 budget
  • Fight for timely access to critical health services, including mental health, addictions, and long-term care
  • Make sure schools and teachers have proper resources to meet classroom needs, including adequate staffing of Teacher’s Assistants, ESL (English as a Second Language) programs, and access to discretionary funds for classroom materials.
  • Return decision making and taxation powers to elected school boards so communities have a better say over their education funding
  • Keep all the major crown corporations (SaskPower, SaskEnergy, SaskTel, and SGI) under full public ownership.
  • Provide strong leadership and real solutions, something that the NDP have failed to deliver in the last 8 years in opposition

“Local residents are being hit hard by the damaging spring provincial budget, from the PST increase and added tax on insurance premiums to cuts to important services, we’re all paying the price of the Sask Party government’s financial mismanagement. I want to work for you to create positive change that will help families, strengthen our economy and invest in the future.”